Fiber to the Home Networks (FTTH)

One large telecom provider has told the Sticklers™ team that the #1 cause of FTTH failures is dirt on the Optitap (and other) connectors. In fact, they estimate that 16% of all the installed links will have an initial system failure simply due to contaminated end-faces somewhere in the loop. At Sticklers™, the manta is simple: unless fiber optic cleaning is easy, fast, consistent, reliable and convenient it simply will be skipped and the network will suffer.

The Sticklers® cleaners are engineered for the field technician working out of a truck. The product line includes everything an operator needs to clean hundreds and hundreds of FTTH connectors, including the award-winning Sticklers fiber optic cleaning fluid.

The OptiTap connection and similar brands are widely used in fiber to the home FTTH applications