Unmatched Fiber Optic Performance

With unmatched innovation and performance, only Sticklers™ products can deliver perfectly clean ports, jumpers and splices at the lowest possible cost-per-cleaning.


Featured Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Cleaning Applications

Today’s fiber networks are THE enabling technology of the networked world. But even the most advanced fiber network has it’s Achilles’ heel: dirty connectors. Only Sticklers® products can clean any connector, any size, any configuration, anywhere in the world. Here’s how…

Outside Plant (OSP) Construction

Outside plant fiber deployments are challenging. Connectors and fiber splices need to be physically strong to endure the harsh environment.

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In our video-centric world, delivering HD video without signal loss is a challenge, especially when the broadcast originates at a football stadium, golf course or news scene.

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Enterprise Private Networks

Data centers, telco central offices, cable head-ends and enterprise networks live indoors, so one might think cleaning would be easy. Not so.

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Featured Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Cleaners

Fiber Optic Cleaning Fluid

  • Super-pure nonflammable cleaning fluid
  • Better, faster and cheaper cleaning than IPA alcohol
  • 650++ cleanings per bottle
  • Removes dust, fingerprints, moisture, static
  • Hermetically-sealed cans are leak-proof and prevents cross-contamination
  • Nonhazardous, easy to ship

Fiber Optic Cleaning Swabs

  • Quality cleaning at the lowest cost-per-clean
  • Available for every connector & configuration, even hardened connectors and multi-fiber connectors
  • Cleans the entire end-face, not just the contact zone
  • Soft tip prevents scratches
  • Fibers in the tips wick up contaminates

Cassette CleanClicker 

  • Cleans SC and LC duplex, ST, FC E2000 and female (no guide pins) MPO cable assemblies
  • CleanClicker MT cleans male (with guide pins) MT ferrules
  • Micro-woven cleaning ribbon traps dust and absorbs residue
  • Compact size is perfect for field or production environments

Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits

  • Everything a field installer needs to clean thousands of splices and end-faces
  • Six different configurations, based on your needs
  • Having the right tools at your fingertips eliminates re-cleaning, warranty claims, repairs
  • In a “go anywhere, clean anything” package
  • No hazmats; can be shipped even by air without restrictions

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