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MicroCare, a global leader in the world of precision cleaning, coating and lubricating, is the developer and manufacturer of the Sticklers® product line – one of the most recognized and well-respected names in fiber optic cleaning.

MicroCare is known around the world for the precision cleaners and cleaning tools that it supplies to the fiber optics industry and many others requiring high-performance specialty cleaning. For over 30 years, companies around the world have relied on MicroCare’s Sticklers® cleaners to clean their fiber optics components at the lowest possible cost.

Discover more about MicroCare at one of the many events  in which we participate around the world. Take a look at the latest news about our innovations. Learn more about our commitment to the environment.   And – if you’re ready to order – find out where to buy  MicroCare products in your local area.

How to Control Static on Fiber Networks

Featured Products

Push to Clean™ with the CleanClicker® Fiber Optic Connector Cleaners

Cleans both unmated connector and connectors in the adapter 750+ cleaning capacity and refillable Saves money and time without sacrificing cleaning performance CleanClicker® Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner's Product Differentiators.

Sticklers® Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

The Sticklers® Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit has been engineered to help field techs clean fiber networks quickly, reliably and inexpensively. This kit puts the time-saving Sticklers® cleaners in a "go anywhere, clean anything" package, giving each tech all the tools they need to get the job done right.   Contains the Most Popular Items for Cleaning Fiber Optic Connectors and for Cleaning Before Splicing Delivers 800+ Perfectly Clean Connectors and/or Splices Bright Color Makes It…