Sticklers Fiber Optic Cleaners Selected by Electronics Industry Association

Starting early in 2016, the Electronics Technicians Association International (ETA) will be featuring the Sticklers™ fiber optic cleaners in the very first edition of their “best practices” technical bulletins (BPB) distributed to all their members.

The reason for the BPB guides is to supplement other industry standards, such as those from ISO, IPC and iNEMI. The ETA standards are to be a quick reference, practical guide to help the techs who need a fast answer. This publication will define the best practices for cleaning fiber optic connectors because so many electrical techs today are being tasked to handle fiber installations as well as electrical.

“As technology evolves, industry standards are not keeping up,” notes Sticklers product manager Brian Teague. “Standards can take five years or more to develop. That’s why these Best Practice Bulletins (BPB) are being developed: to fill the gaps. BPBs will be application-specific documents in an easy-to-understand format; a quick ‘how-to’ refresher on a smartphone that could mean the difference between success or failure.”

At Sticklers, installation problems are a story heard every day. The cleaning techniques of decades ago are not keeping up with requirements for improved network speed and performance. For example, Sticklers team just received this email from a client in New Zealand:

“Fibre cleaning is a very hot topic in NZ currently. Connections to the Fibre-to-the Home network [they] are building are increasing faster than they can handle. This is bringing lots of less-skilled labour into the workforce. It’s interesting that they are now starting to agree with many of the published figures about the percentage of faults being caused by dirty connectors. The good news is that they are promoting the Sticklers CleanClicker cleaner as the recommended cleaning device… the High-Volume Cleaning Kits include the CleanClicker cleaners as a mandatory item for their contractors.”

ETA and this client both are correct: provide technicians with the right tools and they will do a better job. That means faster, more reliable networks operating at lower costs. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

The Sticklers team is pleased ETA has decided to feature the Sticklers fiber optic cleaners in their bulletin. While this is not an endorsement or a specific recommendation by ETA, it is an indication to all of the fiber optic techs certified by ETA that the Sticklers M38999 training process leads the industry in every way.

About ETA: Founded in 1978, ETA represents the people and the companies at the heart of the electronics industry worldwide, from the technician to the corporate institution. ETA has more than 80 certification programs and 150,000 technicians now work more safely and more profitably with ETA certifications. ETA-certified professionals work for many well-known companies like Motorola, Google, ESPN, Disney and the United States military. What does the future hold? There’s always more work to be done, but ETA would like to add YouTube videos which Sticklers fiber optic cleaners will lend technical support.

Technical Association Selects Sticklers for Best Fiber Optic Practices
Limpiadores de fibra óptica Sticklers seleccionados por asociación industrial
Les nettoyants de fibre optique Sticklers ont été sélectionnés par une association de l’industrie
Branchenvereinigung wählt Glasfaserreiniger Sticklers
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