Cleaning Military Fiber Optic Connectors

This is a detailed, 29-page powerpoint about the unique cleaning issues associated with military fiber optic connectors. It offers a very cogent explanation of the sources of contamination on fiber end-faces, and in particular the problems with cross-contamination. The section starting on Page 15 explains, with microphotographs, the method by which click-to-clean tools work and highlights differences between cheap cleaning tools and high-quality cleaning tools. The report also explains the optimal circumstances under which a field tech should use a clicker tool versus using a cleaning stick/swab. There is specific guidance for cleaning MIL 29504/5 sockets and MT termini, which are very tricky to clean properly. Lastly, there is a very thorough discussion of the problems with using IPA alcohol on end-faces. This presentation was prepared in Sept. 2017 for the JAVFOWG conference.