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Using Fluids other than Alcohol for Cleaning Fiber Optic Connectors

The author explains the history of cleaning fiber optics with reagent-grade alcohol, and defends the decision by Bell Labs to use high-purity alcohol for cleaning their new fiber optic systems. However, the paper then elaborates on the reasons that IPA alcohol is no longer a suitable cleaning choice for fiber optics and suggests new options Read More

UK Ministry of Defense Selects Stickers® Products for Fiber Optic Cleaning

The U.K. Ministry of Defense has announced it has selected the Sticklers® fiber optic cleaning products as their preferred optical fiber maintenance tools. The U.K. Defense Support Group concluded the Sticklers® products were the best all-round, commercially-available, off-the-shelf fibre cleaning products in the industry today and recommended their use by the Royal Air Force for the in-service Read More

The Seven Deadly Sins of Fiber Optics

In this paper, fiber optic expert Sean Sheedy explains the seven mistakes fiber optic technicians often make that degrade the networks they are installing or maintaining. These aren’t theoretical debates but real, hands-on wrong decisions made every day that impair the performance of fiber networks. These include improper cable prep, the selection of the wrong Read More

The Problems with Static on Fiber Optic Connector End-faces

This two-minute animation explains the nuances behind the problems with static on fiber end-faces, and the damage the static can produce. It then demonstrates the unique manner in which the Sticklers® fiber optic cleaners eliminate static so networks run faster and more reliably at lower cost.

The Optimal Cleaning Process for Fiber Optic Connectors

Dirty connectors are the single most common reason for fiber optic network failures. Probably the most important items in a Fiber Optic Technician’s tool kit are the cleaning supplies, because nearly 50% of the failures he will encounter can be remedied with proper cleaning.

The Importance of Cleaning Fiber During Splicing

The author asserts fiber optic cleaning is not merely important; it is critical to the long-term reliability of any fiber network, and at the heart of the of a successful fiber deployment. JDSU, at a BICSI conference in 2008, stated “Contamination is the #1 reason for troubleshooting optical networks.” Field techs must be taught, and Read More

The Importance of Clean Fiber Optic Termini

When clean fiber optic connectors are undisturbed the optical path can be preserved for years. However, during installation, maintenance, reconfigurations and equipment upgrades, those pristine connector end-faces often are exposed to the environmentand the end-face may become contaminated. It’s been estimated that connection points are the source of about 70% of the optical network failures, Read More