Heavy-Duty Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit (2,300+ Cleanings) from Sticklers

Sticklers™ Heavy Duty Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit takes convenient, in-the-field fiber cleaning to the max. Here are the details:

Each fiber optic cleaning kit contains enough materials to clean more than 2,300+ connectors:

  • 2 “push-to-clean” CleanClicker™ fiber optic connector cleaners (one for 2.5mm connectors and one for 1.25mm end-faces), with 1,500 cleanings combined
  • 1 Cassette CleanClicker, with 400+ cleanings per tool
  • 2 cans of the nonflammable Sticklers™ cleaning fluid, each with 650+ cleanings/can
  • 1 mini-tub of CleanWipes™ 90 benchtop wipes, delivering 90+ cleanings
  • 25 CleanWipes™ Singles for use in harsh environments, delivering 25+cleanings
  • 50 CleanStixx™ cleaning sticks, with 50 cleanings

Each kit contains enough supplies to clean about 2,300+ end-faces and features the Cassette CleanClicker™ 400 . This gives users the fastest, most reliable jumper cleaning in the industry. Included is  all the supplies needed to clean SC, FC, ST, E2000, LC and MU connectors in a handy, durable and easy-to-find bright orange bag. The kits are optimized for  clients with the highest fiber counts in a variety of configurations. Each kit features the unique Sticklers™ nonflammable cleaning fluid, and each can contains enough fluid to clean 650+ connectors. This fluid replaces IPA alcohol and makes “wet-dry” cleaning a snap. Better cleaning eliminates time-wasting re-cleaning and minimizes expensive repair call-outs. The kits contain no hazardous materials and can be shipped anywhere in the world by ground, air or sea without restriction.

View the Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Inspection & Cleaning Kits brochure here.

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