Fiber Optic Swabs, Military Mix

Unlike most field techs working on commercial fiber jobs, military systems can feature a wide array of different fiber optic connectors, including older designs no long widely used. These swabs will clean even the most exotic or obsolete fiber optic end faces.

Key Features of the Military Variety Pack of Fiber Optic Swabs:

  • 50 swabs per box
  • Patented, high-purity cleaning tips are unique to Sticklers™ products
  • Engineered for wet-dry cleaning, which is proven to get the best results
  • No fabric, foam, glues or particulate to leave residues on the end-faces
  • Precision molded to exact size and shape, for better cleaning
  • Packaged in high-purity, re-sealable, self-closing bags
  • High-performance cleaning at the lowest cost-per-clean
  • Works best when used with Sticklers™ Fiber Optic cleaning fluid (#MCC-POC03M or the new, economy-sized #MCC-POC10M)

Despite the age of the hardware, fiber optic end faces need to be clean for a system or network to operate as designed.  For the military, cleaning often is accomplished under the worst possible conditions — dusty environments, or wet, cold, or even in combat. This variety package of fiber optic swabs provides everything a combat engineer might need to get their radar system or comm network up and running. This package — the “Variety Pack, Military” or VM collection — puts 10 of the 2.5mm fiber optic cleaning swabs, 10 of the long nosed 1.6mm swabs, 10 of the 1.25mm fiber optic cleaning swabs, 10 P25 swabs and 10 XMT swabs all in one convenient box.  This gives operators reliable, speedy cleaning of fiber optic end-faces. These tools will out-clean any other fiber optic cleaning swab. Importantly, these are the only cleaning sticks on the market from any vendor that will clean the entire end-face, not just the contact zone, and only Sticklers has all of these different sizes and configurations of swabs.

Sticklers™ products will get any fiber network running faster and more reliably than any other cleaning technology on the market today.

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Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-VM 50 / Pack
Part Number Package Weight Size Tech Sheet Safety Data Sheet
MCC-VM 50 / Pack